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“Spencer’s training is top notch!”

Simon J.

Google 5-Star Review

“Incredibly knowledgeable.”

Jenny V.

Google 5-Star Review

“Have been a customer since it opened.”

Stan L.

Google 5-Star Review

“Awesome and friendly staff that really knows lacrosse! They have an awesome selection of gear and offer lacrosse specific training!”

Nate C.

“I’m not an expert on lacrosse, yet, so when I walked in I was looking for someone to point me in the right direction. The staff was very friendly and helpful. After chatting about 10 min, I felt confident that I was making the right decision.. I ended up purchasing the Hammer 7000 D-Pole and the Alpha Elite Head with custom stringing. They strung up my head right in front of me in less than 15 minutes and this stick looks bada$$!..Thank you Bigfoot! You’ll be seeing more of me soon!”

Adam D.

Always get great service and help from the crew here.”

D. Kohler

Google 5-Star Review