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Celebrating our 18th Year! 

I opened Bigfoot Lacrosse in December of 2001. Having played the game in upstate NY growing up (Go Pittsford Panthers!) and then graduating from Syracuse University where I had a front row seat to witness the great ‘Cuse teams of the late 80’s, I was pleasantly surprised to find a strong club lacrosse scene upon arriving in Oregon in December of ’95.

About this same time some of the local club players had decided it was time for high school lacrosse in Oregon. And so it was that my first spring of playing club ball in Oregon coincided with the first spring that high school lacrosse was offered in Oregon. A few years later, after taking an assistant coaching position with the newly formed Lincoln high school team in ’99, it became evident that a local option for finding lacrosse gear was eventually going to be necessary.

Since then Bigfoot Lacrosse has grown along with the NW lacrosse community and is now the preeminent specialty dealer in the Northwest. Locally owned and operated, our goal is to listen to your needs, to get you into the right equipment that fits both your budget and your skill level and to above all, pass along and share our passion for the game. We have been proud to be a part of and to grow with such a dynamic and close knit community. We thank you all for your support and we look forward to serving you for many more lacrosse seasons to come.

– Sincerely, Jonathan Stevens / President Bigfoot Lacrosse


Why “Bigfoot” Lacrosse? 

The name is a long story.

It begins deep in the Cascades while camping one summer. I was two days from the nearest town and due to an unfortunate incident involving a rather hostile family of squirrels I was left without food. Having to forage the woods for nourishment I came across a patch of wild mushrooms. This turned out to be a bad idea but while I was unconscious I was visited by the great Sasquatch spirit, Orak-Al-Fala-Ne-heh-na (which of course is German for ‘one who smells of wet wool’). He spoke to me and told me of my destiny, that I would open a store to honor the creator’s game and name it after his people and that…. still with me?

Ok, so that’s not really the reason I called it Bigfoot Lacrosse but figured if you’ve read this far I’d see if you were still paying attention. The simple truth is, it’s ORY-Y-GONE baby! Sasquatch central. What else could I call it? Besides, I already had the idea for the logo.

Anyway, thanks for coming by. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and we hope you enjoy the show.