About Us

You're opening a what store?

This was generally the reaction I got from people in the spring of 2001 (usually accompanied by that “this guy is crazy” look of disbelief) when I told them of my plans to open a lacrosse store. And in Portland Oregon of all places. With less than 20 boy’s varsity teams and even fewer girl’s varsity or youth programs at that time, perhaps it was a little crazy. What wasn’t crazy was the look I saw in the eyes of the kids I was coaching as they discovered the game and began to develop their own passion for it the same way I had 20 years earlier.

In the spring of 1981, I was in the 7th grade and had just moved to Rochester, NY that fall. I had never even heard of lacrosse. That spring I walked into the gym after school one day at Mendon Center Jr. High in Pittsford to find two friends playing catch with these odd looking sticks and a hard rubber ball. A couple hours and a broken wall clock later a love affair was born.

The love affair became a full fledged passion six years later when I stepped onto the campus at Syracuse. I spent the next four years with a front row seat to (with all apologies to the St. Louis Rams of the late 90's) what was and still remains the Greatest Show on Turf. With names like Gait, Zulbertti, Palumb, McCabe, Marachek, Burns and my boy Kirk Pratt to name but a few, the Orange teams of the late 80’s were considered to be some of if not the greatest college teams ever to take the field and a fans dream come true.

Having been a part of and witnessing the impassioned crowds that followed the Orange and the college game at that time, I truly thought this lacrosse revolution that we are seeing today would have happened ten years ago. Lucky for me it didn’t. Upon leaving a game at the Dome my senior year I remember turning to a friend and saying that if I ever go into business for myself, I’m coming back here and opening a lacrosse store. It was more of a passing thought than a career decision at the time I said it but as it turns out it was quite the prophetic moment.

Over the next ten years I never abandoned the idea but certainly wasn’t fashioning a career path to get myself here. And as a kid who primarily grew up east of the Mississippi I never thought “here” would be Portland Oregon. But life has a funny way of placing you where you need to be and so it was I found myself in 1999 on the sidelines as an asst. coach at Lincoln HS watching a group of kids who, until a few weeks earlier had never heard of the game, discover the passion. And there was that familiar look.

After a couple of frustrating seasons trying to attain and / or replace busted gear on time and seeing what was building here in Oregon it became obvious that if I wanted to fulfill my prediction going back to New York was not the place to be. The place to be was in my adopted home of Oregon and with the kids who were discovering what we already knew, that lacrosse is the greatest game and that they deserved a store to call their own. A store that caters to and cares specifically about them and the teams of the North West. That’s not to say we don’t have love for all our lax brothers and sisters just that we are especially proud of our own as we should be.

So on December 15th, 2001 we opened our 1,200 square foot store with about 200 sq. feet of gear. Since then we have added lots and lots of stuff including my business partner Bill and a move to a 4,500 sf location. With the addition of this fancy new web site we hope to continue our quest to be the premier destination for all the North West’s lacrosse information and equipment needs. Check back from time to time for periodic updates on games, camps, tournaments and anything else we think you might be interested in. If it’s lacrosse related and happening in the North West, we hope to be there and to bring it to you.

As we launch another chapter in this journey I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank all of you who helped get us this far. Bigfoot Lacrosse exists solely because of the passion and love for the game that we share with our customers. Without them I’m just a guy with a room full of sticks. Thank you to all of you who have helped make this dream a reality. It has been an honor to serve you and watch you and your children discover and appreciate this great game. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

Why Bigfoot Lacrosse?

This is a bit of a different story. It begins deep in the Cascades while camping one summer. I was two days from the nearest town and due to an unfortunate incident involving a rather hostile family of squirels I was left without food. Having to forage the woods for nourishment I came across a patch of wild mushrooms. This turned out to be a bad idea but while I was unconscious I was visited by the great Sasquatch spirit, Orack-Al-Fala-Ne-heh-nee-hen-ah-ha (which of course is German for ‘one who smells of wet wool'). He spoke to me and told me of my destiny, that I would open a store to honor the creator’s game and name it after his people.....still with me?

Ok, so that’s not really the reason I called it Bigfoot Lacrosse but figured if you've read this far I'd see if you were still paying attention. The simple truth is, it’s ORY-Y-GONE baby! Sasquatch central. What else could I call it? Besides, I already had the idea for the logo. Pretty sweet ain’t it?

Anyway, thanks for coming by. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and we hope you enjoy the show.

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